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Isabelle Swaeb born in Belgium was always attracted by the comfort side of life. Interested in the lines of the female body she wanted to create a design that uncomplicates life and makes you feel instantly liberated and stylish.

Her Salopettes are wearable to please all ages. Showing less or more body adapting to each personal style. The philosophy lays behind the meaning of the word Nunchi ...the subtle art and ability to listen and gauge others moods. Let us all engage to be different and connect to one another.

Nunchi is born and made in Belgium .Fabrics are carefully chosen of the highest quality. Isabelle likes to create unique pieces of garnment. Some salopettes only exist in one fabric and one size. Therefore quality goes over quantity.

In the spirit of 'no waste' all the leftovers are used to make unique bandanas. 


A Nunchi salopette  gives you instant elegance, comfort and happiness. Try it .

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